4 "Orbis" armchairs by Luigi Colani for Cor Sitzcomfort 70's

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This set of 4 "Orbis" armchairs was designed in the 70s by the famous German designer Luigi Colani for the Cor Sitzcomfort brand. With their organic shape and futuristic look , these armchairs are immediately recognizable as Colani's creations.

The "Orbis" armchairs are made of period upholstery in midnight blue fabric (very elegant and timeless). Two small wears on the corners of an armchair (nothing very embarrassing) as well as a fabric in its juice but which remains very suitable for more than 50 years of life.

With their rounded shape, the "Orbis" armchairs are not only comfortable but also very aesthetic . Colani's unique design creates a warm and welcoming ambience in any room they are placed. You will find for each armchair, a cushion that goes with it.

This set is perfect for waiting rooms, living rooms, conference rooms or reception areas. They are also ideal for home decor projects that aim to create a retro-futuristic or contemporary look .

If you are looking for comfortable and elegant armchairs to add a touch of style to your interior, the "Orbis" armchairs by Luigi Colani for Cor Sitzcomfort are an excellent choice.

Material: fabric &amp; wood<br>
Colors: blue &amp; white<br>
- Height: 70cm<br>
- Width: 78<br>
- Depth: 82<br>
Condition: This item is in very good condition.

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