3 seater sofa by Johannes Andersen for CFC Silkeborg 60's

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This 3-seater sofa designed by Johannes Andersen for CFC Silkeborg in the 1960s embodies the excellence of Danish design of the time. Made with an exquisite combination of leather and rosewood, this sofa combines comfort, aesthetics and durability, demonstrating the attention to detail and quality of Danish workmanship.

The rosewood wood frame serves as a solid base for this sofa. Rosewood, known for its natural beauty and richness of nuances, gives the piece of furniture a warm and timeless elegance . The clean lines of the frame are characteristic of Scandinavian design, emphasizing simplicity and functionality.

The sofa's back, armrests and cushions are covered in high-quality leather, providing comfortable and luxurious seating. Leather, in addition to being pleasant to the touch, adds a touch of sophistication to the whole. The cushions can retain their original shape despite more than 60 years of life thanks to the quality of the padding and the leather used.

The sofa is designed to accommodate three people, providing generous space to relax. The careful stitching and visible craftsmanship reinforce the impression of quality and authenticity.

The fact that this sofa is in pristine condition despite being over 60 years old is a testament to the quality of its workmanship and the enduring value of Danish design. It constitutes a sought-after collector's item for lovers of retro furniture and classic design.

In summary, the 3-seater sofa by Johannes Andersen for CFC Silkeborg is a functional work of art that harmoniously combines leather and rosewood. Its impeccable condition after all these years is a testament to its heritage as an iconic piece of Danish design from the 1960s.

Material: rosewood and leather
Colors: black and brown
- Height: 70 cm
- Width: 198 cm
- Depth: 76 cm

Condition: this item is in a very good state of conservation.

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