Black "5B" ashtray by Carla Nencioni and Armando Moleri for Zani&Zani 70's

This stainless steel and melamine "5B" ashtray, designed by the talented designers Carla Nencioni and Armando Moleri for Zani&Zani in the 1970s, is a piece quite unique and intriguing . In excellent condition, this object comes from Italy and perfectly evokes the emblematic style of this decade.

This ashtray features a combination of plastic and metal , characteristic of 70s design. Its base proudly displays the ZANI stamp, a brand renowned for its stainless steel products. However, this ashtray arouses a certain mystery, because it does not seem to be part of the usual range of ZANI brand products.

Further investigation reveals that this ashtray is stamped with the original logo of ZANI&ZANI, formerly ZANI, which is an Italian record label from the 70s. It is a historic ZANI product , specially designed for them by designers Carla Nencioni and Armando Moleri, under the name of model “5B”, in reference to its 5 functional holes.

The story behind this ashtray is particularly interesting . Initially, ZANI sported this original logo which can be found on the base of the object. However, when the Serafino Zani company appeared on the market, ZANI made the decision to change its name and logo to ZANI&ZANI, in order to avoid confusion.

Thus, this “5B” ashtray is much more than a simple decorative or collectible object. It represents a historic piece , testifying to the evolution of design and brands over time. For lovers of retro design and industrial history, this is a precious piece which adds a fascinating dimension to any interior.

Material: stainless steel and melamine
Colors: black & gray
- Length: 14 cm
- Width: 7 cm
- Height: 6 cm

Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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