Blue and yellow murano glass ashtray by Flavio Poli 60's

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This ashtray designed by the illustrious Flavio Poli is an exceptional piece that embodies the essence of Italian design from the 1960s. Originally from Italy, this ashtray is a true artistic treasure that transcends simple utility to become a work of art to full part.

With a bold and distinctive shape , this ashtray sports a triangular silhouette that immediately sets it apart. With a height of 7 cm and sides of 16 cm, it exudes an imposing presence , attracting attention with its unique aesthetic. The 1960s were a period of experimentation and boundless creativity, and this object is a shining testimony to that.

The bold color combination, harmoniously blending blue and yellow, adds a playful dimension to its design. The bright, contrasting shades are a reminder of the dynamism of this era and bring a note of cheerfulness to the object.

This ashtray goes well beyond its primary function. It is an artistic statement , a piece that fuses form, color and function in a masterful way. It embodies the revolutionary spirit of Italian design of the 1960s and is a tribute to the boundless creativity of the era. For vintage design enthusiasts and collectors, this object is a precious piece that bears witness to the golden age of Italian design.

Material: murano glass
Colors: blue and yellow

- Length: 16 cm
- Height: 7 cm

Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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