Circular ashtray in Italian glass paste 60's

This purple glass paste ashtray, born in Italy in the vibrant decades of the 60s/70s, embodies the timeless elegance of this artistic era. Each delicate curve reveals refined craftsmanship , creating a piece that is both functional and aesthetic. Its deep and captivating purple color evokes wealth and sophistication.

Its modest dimensions of 4cm in height and 15cm in diameter offer elegant compactness, making it perfect for integrating harmoniously into any space. Despite the years that have passed, its beauty remains, adorned with a subtle patina which testifies to its history and gives it a vintage aura.

Each angle, each reflection captured by the light reveals the finesse of the glass work , creating captivating play of colors. This ashtray alone embodies the artistic soul of Italy of years past, capturing the spirit of an era in its most delicate and tangible form.

Material: glass paste
Color: purple

- Diameter: 15cm
- Height: 4cm
Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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