Plexiglas and metal ashtray 70's

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This square Plexiglas ashtray with its metal compartment is an elegant and timeless object that bears witness to a past rich in memories. Made in Italy, in Parma, this ashtray embodies the quality Italian craftsmanship and know-how that have made the region famous.

The main body of the ashtray is made of transparent plexiglass, giving it a modern and sophisticated appearance. Its square shape, with clean angles and perfectly balanced sides, evokes a refined and contemporary aesthetic.

The metal compartment located in the center of the ashtray adds a subtle touch of contrast, harmoniously combining the lightness of Plexiglas with the robustness of metal. These traces of time make the ashtray unique, testifying to its past use.

In short, this object from Italy, from Parma, is a real gem, combining the elegance of Plexiglas with the resistance of metal and carrying within it the testimony of precious moments spent in the hands of those who used it. A piece to admire and appreciate, like a cultural heritage of Italian know-how.

Material: plexiglass & metal
Color: gray
- Length: 15 cm
- Height: 2 cm

Condition: This item is in a good vintage condition

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