"MG-14" sideboard by Osvaldo Borsani for Tecno 60's

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The "MG-14" sideboard designed by Osvaldo Borsani for Tecno in the 60s is a remarkably elegant and functional piece of furniture. This is a high quality wooden sideboard with a rosewood or walnut veneer finish.

The cabinet has a series of drawers, shelves and compartments for storage, which makes it very practical for storage needs . The design is clean and minimalist, with flowing lines and solid construction. The wooden sliding doors give access to a large storage area, while the drawers provide additional space for documents, books or objects.

What sets the MG-14 sideboard apart from other storage units is its ingenuity in design. It features a sliding door opening and closing system that operates without handles, providing a smooth and uniform appearance. In addition, the two boxes found on each side have the particularity of having a wheel underneath, which allows them to be oriented. You will also find a very long tray of more than 3 meters to place a multitude of objects.

The "MG-14" sideboard is an iconic example of Italian design from the 60s, which combines style and functionality. It is a piece of furniture that can fit perfectly into any modern and elegant space, while offering a practical and aesthetic storage solution.

Note: big favorite of my selection since the launch of Treaptyque.

Material: wood &amp; metal<br>
Colours: black<br>
- Height: 80cm<br>
- Width: 320cm<br>
- Depth: 48cm<br>
Condition: This item is in good vintage condition.

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