Set of 6 “S34” chairs by Mart Stam for Fasem 1995

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This set of six "S34" chairs from the 90s is a true design icon of that era, combining modern aesthetics , comfort and exceptional quality. Produced in 1995 by the talented designer Mart Stam, in Italy by the renowned brand Fasem, these chairs embody the elegance and know-how characteristic of Italian design.

Each chair features a chrome steel frame, which is in mint condition and retains its original luster. The shiny chrome creates a striking contrast with the thick, black leather that covers the seat and back. This combination of chrome and leather adds an interesting visual dimension to these chairs, while providing exceptional strength and durability .

The thick, black Italian leather used for the seat and back adds a touch of luxury and comfort. It offers a pleasant hand feel and increased durability, while the black tint gives a timeless and elegant look to the whole. The careful stitching and sleek design of the leather accentuate the refined character of these chairs.

The “S34” model designed by Mart Stam is characterized by its minimalist and functional look. The straight, clean lines reflect the influence of the modernist movement and industrial design. The chairs have well-studied ergonomics which guarantee optimal comfort, while being an expression of simplicity and elegance.

The harmonious blend of high-quality materials, Italian leather and chrome, demonstrates Mart Stam and Fasem's attention to detail and aesthetics. These excellent condition chairs are a real find for lovers of retro and contemporary design, and they can enrich any space with their distinct presence and timeless aura.

Material: chrome and leather
Colors: black and silver
- Height: 79 cm
- Width: 59 cm
- Depth: 53 cm

Condition: this item is in a very good state of conservation.

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