Pair of "Trio" low chairs by Franz Hero and Karl Odermatt for Cor 70's

The "Trio" easy chairs designed by Franz Hero and Karl Odermatt for Cor in the 1970s embody the essence of contemporary design of that era. Upholstered with a luxurious brown velvet fabric, they exude elegance and comfort. Their impeccable condition testifies to the care taken in their preservation over the decades.

What sets the “Trio” chairs apart is their ability to adapt to different interior layouts. Their modularity offers rare versatility, allowing them to be configured according to individual needs and preferences.

When arranged side by side, these heaters measure 61 cm high, 145 cm wide and 150 cm deep. Their generous size provides a comfortable space for relaxing and socializing, while maintaining a balanced and welcoming aesthetic.

The clean lines and well-thought-out proportions of the “Trio” armchairs make them iconic pieces of 70s design, whilst retaining timeless relevance in contemporary interiors. They embody the successful marriage between functionality, aesthetics and comfort, thus offering a daily living experience where style and practicality come together harmoniously.

Material: velvet fabric
Color: brown

- Height: 61 cm
- Width: 1.45 meters
- Depth: 1.5 meters

Condition: this item is in a good state of conservation.

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