Set of 4 wooden chairs for Maison Regain 70's

This set of wooden chairs embodies the timeless elegance and distinctive charm of the 70s aesthetic, created with Maison Regain 's signature meticulous attention to detail. Each of these chairs reflects the exceptional craftsmanship and French design heritage that was in vogue at that time.

The chairs' solid wood frame is precisely shaped , showcasing the richness and natural texture of the material. The graceful curves and clean lines of the wood demonstrate the harmony between functionality and aesthetics, typical of 70s design. The surfaces of the wood feature a carefully distressed finish, giving the chairs an authentic vibe from the past while retaining their elegance.

The most notable feature of this set is undoubtedly the leather  which covers the seats and backs of chairs. This leather radiates beauty and offers a soft and delicate texture to the touch.

Each chair is a shining example of the attention to detail in French design. The impeccable stitching of the leather, the way it is carefully stretched over the wooden frames and the meticulous details of the finishes demonstrate the exquisite craftsmanship of Maison Regain .

In short, this set of 4 wooden chairs for Maison Regain embodies the timeless elegance of French design and the aesthetics of the 70s. There we find inspiration from the work of Pierre Chapo.

Material: leather and wood
Colors: brown & cream
- Height: 80 cm
- Width: 45 cm
- Depth: 58 cm

Condition: this item is in a very good state of conservation.

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