Glass desk set by Fontana Arte 60's

This 1960s Fontana Arte Desk Set in Turquoise Glass is a striking piece that embodies the timeless elegance of Italian design from this era. Each element of this set exudes a sophisticated simplicity, showcasing the beauty of glass and the artisanal quality characteristic of the Fontana Arte brand.

The ashtray, measuring 15 cm square and 2 cm high, features clean lines and a captivating turquoise hue that evokes the distinctive style of the 60s. Its generous size provides ample space to accommodate ashes, while adding a touch refinement to the work environment.

The paperweight, which also serves as a pocket tray, is a versatile and aesthetic piece. Its dimensions of 11.5 cm long, 7 cm wide and 2 cm high demonstrate a balanced design. The transparency of the turquoise glass allows it to highlight its contents while adding a subtle touch of color to the room. The fusion of functionality and design is an iconic feature of the 60s modern aesthetic.

The impeccable condition of this set, despite more than 60 years of existence, testifies not only to the durability of the materials used, but also to the quality of Fontana Arte manufacturing. Every detail, from the clarity of the glass to the preserved color, helps maintain the authenticity of this vintage desk set.

Material: glass
Colors: sky blue/turquoise

Ashtray dimensions:
- Width: 15 cm
- Height: 2.5 cm

Dimensions of pocket/clipboard:
- Length: 11.5 cm
- Width: 7 cm
- Height: 2 cm

Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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