"Tongue" armchair by Pierre Paulin for Artifort 80's

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This "Tongue" armchair designed by the legendary designer Pierre Paulin for Artifort in the 1980s perfectly embodies the audacity and innovation of the design of this period. This iconic piece , meticulously restored and reupholstered in a sumptuous cream hue, demonstrates the subtle balance between organic form and luxurious comfort .

The "Tongue" is much more than just an armchair, it is a functional work of art that challenges the conventions of traditional furniture. Its tongue-shaped silhouette, fluid and ergonomic , is both intriguing and captivating . Every curve and line has been carefully thought out to provide optimal support for the body while reflecting the unique artistic expression of Pierre Paulin.

The armchair was reupholstered in a soothing cream shade, which gives the room a timeless elegance and soothing brightness. The cream color chosen for the upholstery highlights the organic shapes of the armchair while creating a neutral backdrop that fits harmoniously into a variety of environments.

The generous padding , combined with the gentle curvature of the seat and backrest, creates an enveloping and relaxing seating experience , thus imparting formidable comfort. Every moment spent in this armchair is an invitation to relaxation and contemplation, transforming a simple seat into an unforgettable tactile and visual experience.

In short, the “Tongue” armchair by Pierre Paulin for Artifort is an emblematic piece that fuses avant-garde design and comfort . Its distinct silhouette, color and meticulous restoration make it not only a functional piece of furniture, but also a work of art that captures the revolutionary spirit of 1960s design.

Material: Keymer fabric
Color: Cream
- Height: 64 cm
- Width: 90 cm
- Depth: 90 cm

Condition: this item is in a very good state of conservation.

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