Large 60's burgundy murano glass vase

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This Murano vase from the 1960s is a remarkable piece of Italian craftsmanship. Made in Milan, the cradle of art and design, it embodies the timeless elegance and artisanal quality characteristic of Murano creations.

With its dimensions of 22 cm high, 15 cm wide and 6 cm deep, this vase presents a slender and balanced silhouette that catches the eye. Its transparency subtly reveals the nuances of color running through it.

Touches of burgundy and “bed of wine” impart a deep chromatic richness, evoking the sophistication of Italian wines. These shades are skillfully integrated into the transparent structure of the glass, creating a subtle but captivating effect when light shines through the vase.

Black accents also dot the surface of the vase, adding a touch of contrast and mystery to its aesthetic. These dark shades provide a striking contrast to the warmer tones, creating a fascinating visual balance.

Despite its age and the slight shine it bears, this vase remains a valuable collector's item. The "chip" is discreet, barely noticeable once the vase is placed, thus preserving the overall beauty of the object.

In summary, this Murano vase from the 60s is much more than just a container. It is a refined work of art that demonstrates the talent of Italian glass artisans and adds a touch of grace and elegance to any interior.

Material: murano glass
Colors: black and burgundy

- Width: 15 cm
- Height: 22 cm
- Depth: 6 cm

Condition: This item is in good vintage condition.

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