Large circular storage compartment by Fontana Arte 60's

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This circular glass storage compartment from Fontana Arte , dating from the 1960s, embodies the timeless elegance and innovative design characteristic of that era. Despite its age, it remains in remarkable condition, testifying to the care taken in its preservation over the decades.

Modest in size, measuring 3 cm in height by 17.5 cm in width, this storage compartment gives off an impression of delicacy and refinement. Its circular shape underlines the harmony of its proportions and the organic character of its design.

The glass surface has some slight scratches, discreet evidence of its history and past use, but they in no way alter its beauty. On the contrary, these marks of time add a dimension of authenticity and character to the object.

One of the most notable features of this storage compartment is the presence of three compartments on its top, creating a curved mirror effect that captivates the eye. This ingenious design offers both practical functionality and captivating aesthetics, reflecting light subtly and creating enchanting visual effects.

In short, this circular glass storage compartment from Fontana Arte is much more than a simple utilitarian object; it is a collector's item that testifies to the creative genius and artisanal excellence of its era, and which continues to enchant with its timeless beauty.

Material: glass
Color: slightly turquoise (Nile green)
- Width: 17.5 cm
- Height: 3 cm
Condition: This item is in good vintage condition.

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