Pair of 60's brass candlesticks

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These 60s brass candle holders are true retro gems, evoking the timeless elegance of that era. Originating from Monaco, these captivating pieces embody the sophisticated style associated with this particular period of design.

Each candle holder measures a generous 31 cm in height by 10 cm in width, giving these objects an imposing and majestic presence. The choice of brass as a base material reinforces the noble character of these pieces, highlighting the preference for quality materials and the search for refined aesthetics.

The patina of time that has naturally evolved on each candle holder adds an additional dimension to their story. This patina, testimony to the passage of years, brings authentic beauty by creating subtle nuances of tones which enhance the vintage character of the candlesticks. It's as if each mark of time tells a unique story, making these candlesticks unique pieces full of history.

The imposing appearance of these candlesticks suggests practical functionality while embodying the opulence and taste of the period. Their balanced design and impeccable finish demonstrate the artisanal know-how that was often highlighted in the production of decorative objects during the 1960s.

Material: brass
Color: gold
- Height: 31 cm
- Width: 10 cm

Condition: This item is in good vintage condition.

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