Pair of metal sofa ends with clear glasses 70's

This pair of sofa ends, sourced from a private hotel in Italy, reflects the iconic glamor and refinement of 70s design.

The first end table has a solid metal structure, evoking the solidity and robustness characteristic of industrial design. Italian artisans sculpted the metal with precision, creating a strong, geometric base.

second end table presents a different approach with a light metal structure. This more delicate structure plays on the lightness and fluidity of the metal to create a striking contrast with the first end of the sofa.

Straight lines and sharp angles work together to form a frame that surrounds the clear glass top. Manufacturing details , such as careful welds and metal finishes, demonstrate the meticulous craftsmanship that defines Italian design. The clear glass tops, resting confidently on their metal structure, bring a visual lightness to the whole.

Together, these two end tables offer a rich and balanced visual experience. They embody the heritage of Italian design while capturing the bold spirit of the 70s. The mix of materials and styles creates an intriguing harmony, demonstrating attention to detail and aesthetics in a decidedly contemporary context.

Material: glass and metal
Color: gray

- Width: 35 cm
- Length: 35 cm
- Height: 40 cm / 70 cm

Condition: This item is in excellent vintage condition.

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