Pair of chairs by Harry Bertoia for Knoll 60's

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This pair of chairs is a timeless design icon, created by the talented designer Harry Bertoia for the prestigious Knoll brand in the 1960s. Each of these chairs embodies the innovative aesthetic and technical mastery that characterize Bertoia's work.

The seat of these chairs is made of wire, offering a unique combination of durability and lightness. Metal wires are carefully arranged to create a geometric pattern that fits ergonomically every curve of the body. This revolutionary design allows for comfortable and airy seating , while adding an artistic and visually intriguing touch to every room.

The 60s were a time of bold creativity and experimentation in design, and these chairs are a perfect example. The choice of wire as the material for the seat reflects the designer's innovative approach, which sought to push the boundaries of traditional design. This association, between the metal and the clean lines of the base, gives these chairs a modern and airy elegance .

The base of the chairs is a harmoniously welded metal wire structure, offering subtle stability and a minimalist aesthetic. The gentle curves of the base contrast with the rigorous geometry of the seat, creating a captivating visual balance .

These chairs are not only functional pieces of furniture, but also works of art that invite visual and tactile interaction. They fit perfectly into a variety of decors, whether it's a modern interior or a retro-chic space.

This pair of chairs by Harry Bertoia for Knoll celebrates the creative boldness and innovation of 1960s design. They embody the successful fusion of form and function, while providing a visual experience, continuing to fascinate design enthusiasts today today.

Material: metal
Color: gray
- Height: 75 cm
- Width: 55 cm
- Depth: 53 cm

Condition: this item is in a very good state of conservation.

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