Pair of "sled" armchairs for Dingler 60's

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This remarkable pair of armchairs embodies both the iconic boldness and functionality of the Bauhaus movement, while paying vibrant homage to Mart Stam's distinctive style. Dating back to the 1960s, these armchairs perfectly embody the lasting influence of these artistic movements on furniture design.

Their tubular structure in chrome metal, subtly curved , delicately reflects the characteristic geometry of the Bauhaus. Each curve has been carefully designed to merge aesthetics and ergonomics, creating perfect harmony between form and function. Their low seat fits seamlessly into lounge environments.

Leather, not only known for its durability but also for its captivating visual appeal, creates a striking contrast with the chrome metal. This wedding highlights the modern and elegant aesthetic that emanates from the whole. These armchairs elegantly evoke the functional simplicity dear to Mart Stam, this visionary architect and designer of the modern movement.

Although designed in the 1960s, this pair of armchairs captures the timeless essence of modern design. Their sleek looks and careful ergonomic design make them equally relevant in contemporary spaces, adding a touch of character and style.

These armchairs go beyond simple furniture: they embody a true statement of style and design, celebrating the heritage of the Bauhaus movement combined with the innovative vision of Mart Stam. Whether in a living room, a relaxation area or even an office, these armchairs bring an artistic and comfortable dimension to your environment, while demonstrating your appreciation for iconic and timeless design.

Material: steel and leather
Color: black
- Height: 80 cm
- Width: 76 cm
- Depth: 74 cm

Condition: this item is in a very good state of conservation.

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