Pair of 80's modernist "Duo" vases/candleholders

This pair of retro vases, true treasures from the 80s, is an ingenious fusion of artistic aesthetics and practical functionality. Made from cast aluminum, these vases are true works of art that blend the robustness of the material with timeless elegance.

Each of these vases measures 20cm in height, offering an imposing presence while maintaining balanced proportions with a width of 14.5cm and a depth of 5cm. When flipped, they transform into candle holders, adding a versatile dimension to their design. This functional duality makes them perfectly suited to different ambiances, whether as stand-alone decorative elements or as calming light pieces. Each piece can hold 2 candles.

The origin of these vases dates back to the charming city of Florence, imbuing each piece with a cultural and historical aura. The quality of the cast aluminum gives these vases exceptional durability, while the patina accumulated over 40 years gives them a rustic beauty and testifies to their history.

Their impeccable condition is a testament to the meticulous care they have received over the decades, preserving their original shine. These vases are not only witnesses of the past, but they also add a touch of authenticity and character to any interior.

Furthermore, if this particular pair catches your eye, know that there are other equally captivating versions of the same series available on the site. Each has its own distinctive features, but all share the timeless elegance that makes 80s designs so charming. Explore the collection to discover other hidden gems and add a modernist touch to your home.

Material: cast aluminum
Color: gray
- Height: 20 cm
- Width: 14.5 cm
- Depth: 5 cm

Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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