Pair of Italian aluminum vases 80's

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These cast aluminum vases from the 80s embody the elegance and refinement of this iconic decade of design. In perfect condition, they retain all their splendor and timeless charm, ready to embellish your space with their sophisticated presence.

Measuring 23 cm wide, 8 cm deep and 21 cm high, they have balanced proportions that make them as functional as they are decorative. The combination of cast aluminum and patina creates a striking contrast that instantly catches the eye.

The aluminum base provides solid stability, while the patina testifies to the passage of time, adding a touch of character and authenticity to these unique pieces. The design of the vases is simple and elegant, with clean lines and soft curves that harmonize perfectly.

These vases encourage contemplation and meditation, evoking a time when the art of living was celebrated with grace and sophistication. Placed on a table, a shelf or a fireplace, they bring a touch of timeless elegance to any interior, testifying to the exceptional know-how of Italian artisans.

Material: aluminum
Color: gray


- Width: 23 cm
- Depth: 8 cm
- Height: 21 cm

Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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