Pair of Italian ceramic vases 80's

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These two Italian black ceramic vases are aesthetic gems, evoking a bygone era while remaining timeless. Their slender stature, measuring 30cm in height and 13cm in width, gives them a striking presence without being imposing, perfect for adorning any space.

The black ceramic is enhanced by a patina which testifies to the passage of time without altering their splendor. Each surface is smooth to the touch, highlighting the artisanal expertise that went into their creation. The depth of black is accentuated by subtle nuances that are revealed according to the ambient light.

Their design undeniably evokes the influence of the Memphis movement , with bold geometric shapes and angular lines that captivate the eye. Yet they transcend this inspiration to create an aesthetic all their own, seamlessly combining the avant-garde spirit of Memphis with classic elegance.

These vases are much more than simple vessels, they are works of art that tell a story, capturing the spirit of their time while being resolutely contemporary. Placed side by side, they create an ensemble that attracts attention and sparks conversation, inviting an exploration of their beauty and complexity.

Material: ceramic
Color: black


- Width: 13 cm
- Height: 30 cm

Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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