Quartet of 60's brass candlesticks

This quartet of 1960s brass candlesticks is a true ode to Georgian style, celebrating the timeless elegance and sophistication of design from that era. The set consists of four differently sized candle holders, creating a clean, growing sequence that adds a touch of grandeur to any room.

Each of these candlesticks features a square or round base, as well as beautifully shaped columns, reminiscent of the architectural details of the Georgian era. This combination of elegant geometry and sculptural details creates a balanced and harmonious aesthetic.

The use of brass adds a warm glow to these pieces, creating a cozy ambiance when the candles are lit. The different formats of these candle holders allow them to be arranged in a creative way, creating a visually captivating and majestic suite.

This candle holder set is a tribute to classic design and meticulous craftsmanship. It is ready to illuminate your interior with its timeless charm, evoking the elegance of the Georgian era while adding a touch of refinement to your decor. These candlesticks make an ideal centerpiece for a table, mantelpiece or sideboard, providing a golden glow and warm ambiance to any occasion.

Material: brass
Color: yellow

TGM dimensions:
- Diameter: 10cm
- Height: 19cm

GM dimensions:
- Diameter: 8cm
- Height: 17cm

Dimensions MM:
- Length: 6cm
- Width: 6cm
- Height: 15cm

PM dimensions:
- Diameter: 5cm
- Height: 8cm

Condition: This item is in good vintage condition.

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