Dining table in the style of Osvaldo Borsani for Tecno 60's

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This dining room table embodies the Italian elegance and modernity of the 60's with a subtle homage to the iconic style of the T69 by Osvaldo Borsani for Tecno Milano. Designed in Italy in the 1960s, it demonstrates the influence of the iconic Italian design of that era.

The table base is made from cast aluminum, creating an impressive visual presence while providing sturdy stability . The clean lines and geometric shapes of the base evoke the signature aesthetic of mid-century design, marrying bold innovation and aesthetic functionality .

The thick smoked glass top adds a touch of lightness and transparency to the table, creating a striking visual contrast with the cast aluminum base. The glass helps highlight the beauty of the base while adding a dimension of depth to the whole.

The combination of cast aluminum and glass reflects a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic, while paying homage to the timeless style of Osvaldo Borsani's T69. This dining table transforms the space into an elegant and friendly meeting place.

It evokes the golden age of mid-century design while being decidedly modern, bringing a touch of history and refined aesthetic to your living space.

Material: metal and smoked glass
Colors: brown andgray

- Diameter: 120 cm
- Height: 73 cm

Condition: This item is in good vintage condition

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