Coffee table by Werner Blaser for Spectrum 60's

The "TZ75" coffee table, a vintage piece designed by Werner Blaser for Spectrum in 1960, embodies the timeless aesthetic of modernist design. This iconic piece marries both functionality and elegance , while reflecting the creative ingenuity of its era.

Its white laminated plywood base, artistically shaped into a tripod shape, demonstrates Blaser's innovative approach to design. This sleek base provides sturdy stability while adding a touch of visual dynamism to the table. The use of white creates a striking contrast with the clear glass top, giving the room a feeling of openness and lightness.

The clear glass top, with crystal clear transparency, highlights the beauty of the base and reveals the subtle details of its design. It also adds a dimension of sophistication to the furniture, creating a harmonious contrast between materials and textures.

This Tz75 coffee table is in excellent condition, proudly bearing the minimal marks of use that speak to its history and authenticity . These age-appropriate markings add a touch of character and enhance its vintage charm.

The Tz75 coffee table by Werner Blaser for Spectrum is a true statement of style and artistic engineering, adding a touch of the golden age of Dutch modernist design to your interior.

Material: wood
Color: brown

- Diameter: 90 cm
- Height: 40 cm

Condition: Good vintage condition.

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