Side table in brass and clear glass by Peter Ghyczy 70's

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This side table created by Peter Ghyczy in the 1970s in the Netherlands embodies the elegance and innovation of that era. Its unique and timeless design makes it a true furniture masterpiece.

The side table's metal base provides a sturdy, durable base while evoking a contemporary, industrial aesthetic. The clean, geometric lines of the base reflect a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

The brass details adorning the side table add a touch of luxury and sophistication. Brass, with its warm hue and glossy finish, contrasts beautifully with metal, creating a captivating visual contrast.

The rectangular clear glass top crowns this functional work of art. The choice of clear glass highlights the beauty of the metal base and brass details, while giving an impression of lightness and transparency. The glass reflects light, creating plays of reflections and shadows that energize the surrounding space. There is a small impact on the side of the coin, but nothing serious for a coin over 50 years old.


Material: brass and glass
Color: gold
- Height: 46 cm
- Width: 40 cm
- Length: 120 cm

Condition: This item has a slight impact on the glass top.

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