Graphic "Isosceles" nesting tables by Max Sauze for Arrow 70's

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This set of "Isosceles" nesting tables signed Max Sauze for Arrow takes you directly into the graphic world of the 70s . These unique pieces embody the artistic aesthetic of the era while adding a contemporary touch to your space.

Made from black steel, these nesting tables feature a bold, geometric design. Clean lines and angular shapes create a striking visual contrast, capturing the essence of 70s style.

The "Isosceles" set offers versatile functionality with different interlocking sizes that fit together perfectly. Each table thus becomes an artistic canvas in your space, adding a sculptural dimension to any interior decoration.

Created by Max Sauze for Arrow, these 70s nesting tables are much more than just furniture. They are a visual and artistic statement that reflects the era of graphic and innovative design . This set will add a touch of character and retro design to every interior.

Material: glass and metal
Color: black

Dimensions (GM):
- Height: 40cm
- Width: 46cm
- Length: 46cm

Dimensions (MM):
- Height: 36cm
- Width: 38cm
- Length: 38cm

Dimensions (PM):
- Height: 30
- Width: 31cm
- Length: 31cm

Condition: Overall very good vintage condition of the piece.

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