American metal hammered vase 90's

This 90s aluminum vase, from the USA, embodies the creative energy and signature style of this iconic decade. With an imposing height of 28 cm and a width of 23.5 cm, it stands as a singular work of art, capturing the bold spirit and distinctive aesthetic of the era.

The surface of the vase is completely hammered, creating a fascinating play of textures that demonstrates the artisanal know-how applied to its design. Each depression, each curve is the result of meticulous work, giving the object an appearance that is both robust and refined.

The patina of time that has developed over the years brings additional depth to the aesthetics of the vase. The discreet signs of wear tell the story of the passage of time, adding a nostalgic dimension to this object which has spanned several decades.

Aluminum, the dominant material in the creation of this vase, offers visual lightness while maintaining intrinsic solidity. Its hammered finish gives it a special shine, reflecting the light in a unique way and highlighting the details that make this object a captivating testament to the 90s era.

Material: hammered metal
- Height: 28 cm
- Width: 23 cm

Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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