Square metal pocket tray 70's

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This metal storage compartment of Italian origin from the 70s is an object of elegant and refined simplicity. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it embodies the minimalist style characteristic of this era. This storage compartment perfectly embodies the modern and sophisticated aesthetic of Italian design. 

Its smooth metal surface, probably steel or aluminium, gives it a polished, shiny appearance. The use of metal as a material adds a touch of modernity and elegance, while ensuring exceptional durability. It's strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear, yet it's still surprisingly light, making it easy to move around and use as a needed. 

The minimalist design of the cubbyhole results in clean lines and clean edges. It sports a simple and harmonious geometry. Its discreet aesthetic allows this object to fit perfectly into any interior, whether classic, modern or contemporary. 

A key element of this storage compartment is that is hollow underneath. This nifty feature gives it extra functionality. It can be used not only to hold various objects like keys, coins, pens or glasses, but it can be used to store letters, tickets or other light documents. This dual functionality makes this storage compartment both practical and aesthetic. 


Material: metal
Colors: silver
- Width: 16.5 cm
- Height: 3 cm
Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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