Italian 80's crystal and brown crocodile leather ashtray

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This Italian crystal ashtray from the 80s is a remarkable piece, combining elegance and sophistication. Its design demonstrates the Italian craftsmanship of the period, marked by exquisite details and meticulous attention to the quality of materials.

The main piece of the ashtray is made of crystal, a material that imparts sparkling transparency, allowing light to play subtly through its contours. The fineness of the crystal highlights the delicacy of the design, creating an aesthetic that embodies 80s refinement.

The ashtray rests elegantly on a curved brown crocodile leather base, adding a touch of luxury and warmth to the whole. The marriage of clear crystal and textured leather creates a captivating visual contrast, showcasing the unique character of each material.

The assembly of the two pieces forms a harmonious whole, where the leather base perfectly complements the purity of the crystal. The curvature of the base creates a visual dynamic, bringing a contemporary touch to this vintage ashtray.

The generous dimensions of 22 cm wide by 5 cm high offer an imposing presence while maintaining elegant discretion. These balanced proportions add to the functionality of the ashtray while accentuating its aesthetic appeal.

In perfect condition, this example exhibits exceptional conservation of its original luster, thus preserving the integrity of its timeless beauty. This Italian crystal ashtray from the 1980s remains not only a utilitarian object, but also a work of art that evokes the sophistication and elegance of its era.

Material: leather and crystal
Colors: brown & transparent


- Width: 22cm
- Height: 5cm

Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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