Italian amber ashtray 70's

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This ashtray is an exceptional piece, both functional and aesthetically captivating, representative of Italian design from the 70s. Made in Italy, this ashtray features an amber hue which gives it a timeless elegance. The color amber, associated with this era, evokes a warm, retro palette, characteristic of the design style of this period.

The ashtray proudly bears the inscription "Made in Italy", an undeniable testimony to its prestigious origin. This mention not only reinforces its authenticity, but also its link with Italian craftsmanship renowned for its know-how and distinctive aesthetic.

Despite its fifty years of existence, this ashtray remains in perfect condition, testifying to the exceptional quality of the materials used and the artisanal mastery that went into its manufacture. Its durability and resistance to the passage of time make it a precious piece, retaining all its former glory.

In terms of dimensions, the ashtray measures 4 cm in height, a compact size that fits perfectly with the discreet and functional aesthetic of the objects of the time. Its diameter of 15 cm offers a generous surface to accommodate the ashes, while contributing to its imposing appearance.

Material: glass
Color: amber

- Diameter: 15 cm
- Height: 4 cm

Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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