Scandinavian "Z" side chair in leather and steel by Erik Magnussen for Torben Ørskov 60's

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This "Z" side chair is a rare and prized piece, designed by designer Erik Magnussen for Torben Ørskov, an iconic creation of mid-century Scandinavian style. This piece, produced in 1968, has acquired a unique patina , testifying to its history and authenticity.

The original mix of steel and leather gives this chair an aesthetic that is both sturdy and elegant . The steel, used for the structure, offers strength and durability , while the leather, present on the seat and back, provides comfort and refinement.

The dimensions of the chair, with its 73cm length, 52cm depth and 65cm height, make it a spacious but compact occasional chair, ideal for tight spaces. The seat height of 35cm provides a comfortable position for relaxing or using the chair as a decorative piece.

Its “Z” shaped design characterizes this piece, offering a unique aesthetic and particular ergonomics . This unconventional yet functional design is a hallmark of Magnusson's talent and innovation in the context of Scandinavian style.

The rarity of this chair and its unique patina make it a collector's item prized by fans of vintage design. Its timeless aesthetic , manufacturing quality and history make it a valuable addition to any interior, demonstrating the refinement of 1960s Scandinavian design.

Material: steel and leather
Colors: gray and brown

- Length: 73cm
- Depth: 52cm
- Height: 65cm
- Seat height: 35cm

Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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