Set of 3 Italian cast aluminum candlesticks 80's

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These three cast aluminum candlesticks, witnesses of the style of the 80s and made in Italy, evoke a mixture of craftsmanship and industrial design characteristic of this era. Despite their four decades of existence, they remain in remarkable condition, testifying to their manufacturing quality and durability.

Each of these candle holders has an elegant and sturdy look. The cast aluminum material gives them both lightness and strength, while allowing precise and detailed finishes. Their surface probably has a discreet patina, the result of time and use, adding a touch of character and authenticity to their aesthetic.

Dimensions-wise, these candle holders vary slightly in size, adding a subtle visual dynamic when arranged together. Their height, ranging between 31 cm and 40.5 cm, helps to create a balanced composition, while their width, varying between 12 cm and 13 cm, provides a stable and functional base to accommodate candles of different sizes.

The Italian origin of these pieces adds a note of sophistication and refinement to their history. They embody the artisanal know-how and sense of design characteristic of the Italian tradition in the field of manufacturing decorative objects.

Material: metal
Color: silver


- Width: 12 to 13 cm
- Height: 31 to 40.5 cm

Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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