Set of 4 chairs in suede and solid wood 80's

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This set of 4 solid wood chairs embodies elegance with a touch of boldness. Each chair features a solid wood frame that imposes a strong presence while captivating the eye with its distinctive geometric details. Straight lines and sharp angles create a cubic aesthetic that brings refined modernity to every room.

The solid wood that makes up the structure of the chairs is truly impressive, highlighting the natural grains of the wood. The authentic beauty of the material is highlighted, reflecting the unique character of each chair and imparting a feeling of warmth and connection with nature.

The addition of armrests to the design lends a touch of comfort and functionality, inviting you to sit back and relax. The vintage brown suede seat and back, with their distinct patinas, provide a pleasant tactile texture while evoking a charming vintage atmosphere.

The set of 4 chairs was designed in the 80s, a time when bold shapes and quality materials were in the spotlight. These chairs are both an expression of the past and a contemporary statement of style.

Material: suede and wood
Color: brown
- Height: 83 cm
- Width: 58 cm
- Depth: 58 cm

Condition: this item is in a good state of conservation.

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