Set of wenge nesting tables

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This set of elegant square wenge nesting tables embodies the timeless beauty of wood in all its glory. Each table is a true design gem , highlighting the rich color of wenge and its natural patina that has developed over time.

Wenge, with its warm, deep shades, creates an earthy color palette that evokes a warm , welcoming ambiance. The wood has acquired a magnificent patina over the years, testament to its history and exceptional durability. Each grain and pattern in the wood tells a unique story, adding a touch of artistic authenticity to each table.

This set of square nesting tables not only offers stylish aesthetics, but also practical functionality. The tables fit together seamlessly, allowing for flexible and creative arrangement. Whether displaying decorative items or simply adding a touch of sophistication to your space, these square nesting tables combine style and utility brilliantly.

This set is a celebration of the natural beauty of wood and thoughtful design . These tables bring a touch of warmth, elegance and authenticity to any interior, transforming your space into a sanctuary of timeless style and refinement.

Material: venge (wood)
Color: brown

GM dimensions:
- Width: 45 cm
- Length: 45 cm
- Height: 41 cm

Dimensions MM:
- Width: 37 cm
- Length: 37 cm
- Height: 34 cm

PM dimensions:
- Width: 27 cm
- Length: 27 cm
- Height: 29 cm

Condition: Good vintage condition.

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