“Vortex” table lamp 80’s

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This table lamp is a remarkable piece in many ways. Originally from Florence, Italy, she embodies the distinctive craftsmanship and design of this region known for its excellence in art and design. Made in the 80s, it carries with it the timeless charm of that era.

Its metal foot, designed in a Vortex style, is a true work of art. Inspired by the artistic movements of the time, it evokes a feeling of movement and energy, capturing the attention of those who lay eyes on it. The metal, meticulously crafted, offers robust stability while maintaining an airy and elegant aesthetic.

The freshly changed lampshade brings a touch of modernity to this vintage object. Its new appearance contrasts harmoniously with the metal base, creating a balance between tradition and contemporaneity. The light that emanates from it, soft and diffuse, creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any space.

With its dimensions of 38 cm high by 30 cm wide, this table lamp stands out for its subtle but elegant presence. It can sit on a side table, desk or dresser, adding a touch of sophistication to any environment.

In summary, this table lamp embodies the excellence of Italian design from the 80s, with its Vortex metal base and refreshing lampshade. A witness to the artisanal know-how and timeless style of Florence, it illuminates not only spaces, but also minds, with its unique beauty and character.

Material: steel
Color: gray
- Height: 38 cm
- Width: 19.5 cm
- Lampshade: 30 cm

Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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