"Birillo" lamp by Carlo Nason for Mazzega 60's

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The "Birillo" floor lamp designed by Carlo Nason for Mazzega is an exceptional piece that embodies the iconic style of the 60s and the art of Murano glass. This remarkable piece of design demonstrates the creativity and ingenuity of the era, while reflecting the elegant and sophisticated aesthetic that characterizes Carlo Nason's work.

Murano glass, renowned for its exceptional quality and traditional manufacturing techniques, is used to create this floor lamp. The cream color, quite rare in the context of Murano glass, adds a touch of softness and subtlety to the whole. The cream shade, delicate and soothing , allows the lamp to integrate harmoniously into various environments while attracting attention thanks to its rarity.

The design of the "Birillo" lamp is characterized by clean and fluid lines. Its name, which means "ball" in Italian, refers to its rounded shape. The base of the lamp sits securely on the ground, while the top features an elegant curve that opens to accommodate the light source. This simple but captivating design is the result of the talent of Carlo Nason, who knew how to combine form and function in a harmonious way.

Acquired in Milan, this "Birillo" floor lamp has stood the test of time while retaining its original charm. Its very good general condition testifies to the care taken in its preservation. The electrification has been verified, ensuring its optimal and safe operation.

This piece of design is much more than just a lamp: it is a functional work of art that tells a story. It embodies the heritage of Italian design, the rich tradition of Murano glass and the timeless aesthetic of the 60s. The "Birillo" floor lamp by Carlo Nason for Mazzega is a celebration of elegance, craftsmanship and doing and authenticity.

Material: metal and opaline
Color: cream

- Height: 91cm
- Diameter: 28cm

Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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