Japanese machine gun "Browning M3" in metal 60's

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This Japanese table lighter from the 60s that you describe is truly an exceptional object, combining a unique aesthetic with practical functionality. With its imposing dimensions of 15 cm high, 30 cm long and 19 cm wide, it occupies an imposing presence on any surface where it is placed.

The singular shape of this lighter, mimicking the emblematic silhouette of the "Browning M3" machine gun, demonstrates the artistic know-how and attention to detail specific to the period. The use of this military inspiration gives the lighter a distinct aura, perhaps evoking the fascination with technological innovation and industrial design of the time.

The perfect conservation of this object, despite its decades of existence, testifies to the quality of the materials used and the meticulousness in the manufacturing. The lighter appears to be a remarkable example of Japanese craftsmanship, renowned for its precision and dedication to perfection.

The presence of the original box adds an additional dimension to this set, transforming the object into a true collector's treasure. The epic box, probably designed with as much care as the lighter itself, adds a touch of nostalgia, transporting admirers to a bygone era when art and function married seamlessly.

This 1960s Japanese table lighter, with its distinct "Browning M3" machine gun shape, imposing size and impeccable preservation, remains not only a utilitarian object, but also a captivating work of art that embodies the aesthetic of its era.

Material: silver metal
Color: silver
- Height: 15 cm
- Width: 19 cm
- Length: 30 cm
Condition: This item is in good vintage condition.

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