"Amanta" coffee table by Mario Bellini for C&B Italia 60's

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This fiberglass coffee table designed by Mario Bellini For C&B Italia in the 60s embodies both the iconic aesthetic of that decade and the ingenuity of modern design. This piece has a height of 35 cm, a length of 120 cm and a width of 60 cm with a diameter of 120 cm.

Made in fiberglass , this table reveals a unique blend of lightness and of solidity . Fiberglass, an innovative material at the time, made it possible to obtain the organic shapes and clean lines that characterized the design of the 60s. The smooth, shiny surface of the table creates a subtle play of reflections and transparency, thus adding a touch of visual sophistication to the space.

Mario Bellini's design for this table embodies the spirit of modernist movement , with its minimalist aesthetic and well-thought-out functionality.

Each angle is carefully designed to ensure optimal stability while maintaining the elegance inherent in Italian design. Rounded corners soften contours and evoke a feeling of softness, creating a balance between geometric rigor and friendliness.

Despite its many years of existence, this fiberglass coffee table is in excellent condition , testifying to the lasting quality of its design and manufacturing. It is an iconic example of the harmony between art and functionality, adding a retro-chic touch to any contemporary space and recalling the heritage of 60s design by Mario Bellini for C&B Italia.

Material: fiberglass
Color: off-white

- Height: 35cm
- Length: 120cm
- Width: 60cm

Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition

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