"Propeller" circular coffee table by Knut Hesterberg 60's

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The "Propeller" circular coffee table designed by Knut Hesterberg in the 60s is a true masterpiece of minimalist and elegant design. This table is characterized by a circular shape with a diameter of about 75 cm, and a propeller-shaped steel base, which gives the table its name.

The steel base, which resembles a boat propeller, is made up of three curved arms, each of which ends in a small point. These spikes are also used to fix the tempered glass top, which rests on the base with great stability.

The glass top is perfectly round and is approximately 1 cm thick. It is held in place thanks to a very simple and elegant fastening system, which leaves the base perfectly visible.

The minimalist design of this "Propeller" circular coffee table by Knut Hesterberg in the 60s makes it a timeless piece of furniture , which easily adapts to all interior styles, from the most classic to the most modern. It brings a touch of sophistication to any room, combining avant-garde aesthetics with great functionality.

Material: steel<br>
Color: silver<br>
- Diameter: 74cm<br>
- Height: 32cm<br>
Condition: Good vintage condition.

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