Triptych of Italian metal candlesticks 80's

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This exquisite set of three silver-plated candle holders, from Italy and dating from the 1980s, embodies the timeless elegance and exceptional craftsmanship of that era. Each carefully designed candle holder features a gradual height, creating a striking visual harmony.

The smallest of the set measures 19.5 cm high, bringing a delicate touch of refinement. Its intermediate counterpart reaches a height of 24.5 cm, adding an extra dimension to the whole. Finally, the most imposing rises to 29.5 cm, capturing attention with its majestic stature. Each of these three masterpieces shares a uniform width of 10cm, creating balanced symmetry.

The exceptional quality of the silver metal used in their manufacture is reflected in every detail. Smooth, glossy surfaces elegantly catch the light, adding a subtle glow to your space. The impeccable condition of each piece is a testament to the careful preservation they have received over the years, preserving their original luster.

A unique feature of this set is the clever design of their bases. Each candle holder has a base designed so that they can fit together, providing a creative option for arranging them. This feature allows you to personalize the presentation, creating a unique visual composition that can be adapted to different spaces.

Material: silver metal
Color: silver
- Height: 19.5 / 24.5 / 29 cm
- Width: 10 cm

Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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