Triptych of Italian vases 80's

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This triptych of Italian vases from the 80s is a remarkable work that combines elegance and timeless charm. Each of these vases, measuring 26.5 cm, 35.5 cm and 45.5 cm in height respectively, exudes a distinctive aura while forming a harmonious whole. Their width of 6.5 cm gives a balanced proportion, thus emphasizing the finesse of their design.

The patina of time that envelops these vases adds a layer of lived beauty, testifying to the history they have lived through. This patina, while revealing subtle nuances of color, reinforces the authentic character of the pieces and distinguishes them as objects steeped in rich history.

The Italian aesthetic shines through every detail, from flowing lines and delicate curves to color choices that evoke Mediterranean warmth. The whole thing exudes understated elegance, capturing the spirit of Italian craftsmanship of the 80s. These vases are more than just a set of decorative objects; they are an artistic expression that transcends eras.

Placed together, these vases form a triptych that evokes a visual story, capturing the imagination with their commanding presence. Their harmonious arrangement, combined with the patina of time, creates a nostalgic and sophisticated atmosphere, making these Italian vases unique pieces that will continue to arouse admiration for years to come.

Material: metal
Color: silver
- Height: Small: 31.5 cm Large: 41 cm
- Width: Small: 9.5 cm Large: 8 cm
- Depth: Small: 9.5 cm Large: 11 cm

Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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