80's square "Wave" metal vase

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This 1980s metal sculpture from Italy is a captivating artistic piece that captures the essence of this iconic period. Representing a wave, it is both dynamic and elegant. The dimensions of the sculpture are 28 cm in height, 11.5 cm in width, and 11.5 cm in depth, making it a compact but impressive work.

The wave shape is carefully crafted, evoking the fluid movement of water and the energy of sea waves. Metal, the preferred material of the time for many artistic creations, gives this sculpture robustness and timeless modernity. Artists of the 80s in Italy were known for their innovative approach and ability to fuse avant-garde design elements with classical influences, and this sculpture is a perfect example.

Metal surfaces are likely polished or textured to play with light, creating highlights and shadows that add to the illusion of movement and depth. This work is not only a tribute to nature but also a reflection on the interaction between art and industrial materials, typical of the aesthetics of the 80s.

With its flowing lines and metallic finish, this wave-shaped sculpture is a remarkable piece that captures the essence of 1980s Italian design, offering both visual beauty and symbolic depth.

Material: metal
Color: silver
- Height: 28 cm
- Width: 11.5 cm

Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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