Murano glass pocket tray "Tutti Frutti" by Dino Martens for Aureliano Toso 60's

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This Tutti Frutti Murano glass storage compartment, created by Dino Martens for Aureliano Toso in the 1960s, embodies the excellence of Italian craftsmanship. Measuring 19 cm in width and 6.5 cm in height, this remarkable object perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality.

Its impeccable condition testifies to the meticulous care taken in its manufacture and preservation over the years. The midnight blue base offers timeless elegance, evoking the depth of a starry night, while the multi-colored interior, characteristic of the Tutti Frutti style, brings an explosion of bright and vibrant colors.

Every detail of this storage compartment reflects the expertise of Dino Martens and the exceptional know-how of the Italian artisans at Aureliano Toso. The entirely handmade production gives the object a unique and authentic touch, making each piece a true masterpiece.

This Murano Tutti Frutti collectible embodies the artistic heritage and timeless quality of Italian design, adding a note of sophistication and color to any space in which it is displayed.

Material: murano glass
Colors: blue and multicolor

- Width: 19 cm
- Height: 6.5 cm

Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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