Murano Venini glass pocket tray by Osvaldo Borsani for Tecno 60's

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This circular Murano glass storage compartment by Maison Venini for the Tecno brand is a piece of timeless elegance, fusing renowned Italian craftsmanship with the visionary design of Osvaldo Borsani . Designed in the 60s, this storage compartment perfectly embodies the aesthetics of that era, while maintaining a modernity that transcends the decades.

Crafted with exquisite Murano craftsmanship, the glass of this trinket features crystal clear transparency that captures and refracts light with mesmerizing purity. Each piece is the result of a meticulous process, where Venini's master glassmakers shaped the material with artisanal precision, giving rise to fluid shapes and harmonious contours.

The presence of the Tecno brand logo, owned by Borsani, adds an extra dimension to this piece, testifying to its pedigree and heritage in the world of Italian design. It's a subtle marriage of art and function, where aesthetics meet practicality with grace.

With dimensions of 5 cm in height by 15 cm in diameter, this circular storage compartment offers an ideal size for storing small precious objects, such as keys, jewelry or coins. Its rarity in this condition makes it a prized collector's item among vintage design enthusiasts and art connoisseurs.

In short, this trinket embodies the perfect marriage between traditional Murano craftsmanship, the creative genius of Osvaldo Borsani and the heritage of the Tecno brand, offering a piece of timeless beauty and inestimable value in the world of design.

Material: Murano glass by Venini
Color: black

- Width: 15 cm
- Height: 5 cm
Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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