Smoked plexiglass pocket tray with its rough edges for Adeglas Torino 70's

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This smoked plexiglass storage compartment, a creation by Adeglas Torino dating from the 70s, is a piece of undeniable elegance . Featuring a square base measuring 18cm on each side and a height of 4cm, it provides generous space for organizing and displaying your small valuables.

One of the most distinctive features of this storage compartment is the presence of ripple-shaped roughness and ribs, creating a visually captivating texture on the surface of the smoked plexiglass. These artistic details add a dimension of originality to the piece, while creating an interesting contrast with the transparency of the material.

In the center of the storage compartment is a silver cup, bringing a touch of refinement and distinction to the whole. The patinated silver contrasts magnificently with the smoked plexiglass, creating a harmonious alliance of noble materials.

This storage compartment is also part of the Hollywood Regency movement, characterized by its timeless elegance and penchant for glamour. This is a versatile piece that can be used to organize your most precious items while adding a touch of sophistication to your interior. It tells a story and embodies a bygone era, while integrating perfectly into contemporary decors.

Note: the storage compartment has two chips at the corners, testifying to its experience and its history. These marks add a touch of character and vintage to the room.

Material: smoked plexiglass & silver
Colors: smoked brown & gray

- Length: 18cm
- Width: 18cm
- Height: 4cm

Condition: This item has chips at the corners.

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