Stone ashtray 40's

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A small stone ashtray from the 1940s is a vintage object that can be used as a decorative element for your interior or as a practical smoking accessory. The stone used to make this ashtray offers a soft and smooth texture to the touch.

Stone ashtrays from the 1940s often have a minimalist, clean design, with straight lines and simple geometric shapes. They may also feature decorative details such as engravings or inlaid designs.

These ashtrays were often used in homes, restaurants or bars in the 1940s and therefore have a certain history and retro charm. They can be easily found in antique stores or online sales sites and are a great addition to any vintage memorabilia collection.

Material: stone
Color: grey
- Width: 10cm
- Height: 2cm
Condition: This item is in good vintage condition.

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