Set of 4 chairs by Gastone Rinaldi 80's

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This set of 4 chairs, designed by the talented Gastone Rinaldi in the 80s, embodies the bold aesthetic and design innovation of that decade.

A tubular chrome metal structure, signature of the 70s/80s style, gives these chairs an industrial and airy elegance. The clean lines and precise geometry of the metal combine to form a solid and artistic base . The tubular base evokes a futuristic aesthetic while remaining anchored in the emblematic period of the 70s.

The wire seat adds a touch of lightness and transparency to the overall design. The metal grid created by the intertwined wires provides ergonomic support and an intriguing aesthetic. The armrests, also made of wire, add additional functionality and provide a comfortable space to relax.

These chairs are a reflection of the dynamic and creative era of the 70s, where designers exploited new ideas and pushed the boundaries of traditional design. Gastone Rinaldi's design skillfully combines functionality and aesthetics , creating pieces that are both works of art and functional pieces of furniture.

These chairs, designed by Gastone Rinaldi, are not only pieces of furniture, but also testaments to the creative genius of their era, adding a touch of history and style to any contemporary space.

Material: metal
Color: gray

- Height: 78cm
- Width: 53cm
- Depth: 51cm

Condition: this item is in a very good state of conservation.

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