Cidonio dining table by Antonia Astori de Ponti for Driade 60's

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This Cidonio dining table, designed by Antonia Astori de Ponti for Driade in the 1960s, is an exceptional piece of Italian design of the period.

The base of the table, in shiny solid metal, is shaped into a tube, adding modern elegance to the whole. In very good condition, this metal base is not only sturdy but also adds a touch of sophistication to the table.

The dimensions of the table, with a height of 72cm and a diameter of 140cm, offer generous space for convivial meals. The glass top adds a subtle transparency that accentuates the lightness of the overall design.

The particularity of this table lies in its heavy metal leg and top, testifying to the quality of the materials used in its manufacture, also ensuring exceptional stability and durability.

The presence of a mirror in the middle of the top adds an intriguing visual dimension , reflecting light and creating a contemporary ambiance. This unique feature reinforces the artistic character of the Cidonio table.

Sourced from Italy, this piece of Italian design from the 1960s embodies the timeless elegance and innovation characteristic of the design movement of that era. The Cidonio dining table is a functional work of art, ready to be the focal point of any sophisticated dining room.

Material: metal & glass
Colors: gray & transparent

- Height: 72cm
- Diameter: 140cm

Condition: this item is in a very good state of conservation.

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