Bauhaus style side table metal structure and mosaic top 70's

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This side table embodies the iconic aesthetic of the Bauhaus style, merging functionality and artistic design . The chrome metal structure offers a touch of industrial modernity while maintaining a geometric simplicity characteristic of the movement.

The top of this table is a work of art in itself, made with a mosaic of small tiles. Each tile contributes to a complex visual composition, creating a unique and captivating pattern. The use of varied colors and textures in the tiles adds a dynamic visual dimension to the table, creating a striking contrast with the understated chrome metal.

The design of this side table is a tribute to the Bauhaus concept of the union of art and craftsmanship. Each element, whether the metal structure or the mosaic top, is carefully designed to create visual and functional harmony.

This side table is not limited to its utilitarian role, it captures the very essence of the Bauhaus style and adds a touch of creativity and originality to your space.

Material: metal and stone
Colors: brown and gray
- Width: 50 cm
- Length: 50 cm
- Height: 40 cm

Condition: Good vintage condition.

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