Chrome nesting tables and smoked glasses 70's

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This set of three nesting tables embodies the iconic style of the 70s. Each of the tables features a black smoked glass top, which adds a mysterious elegance to the whole. Smoked glass creates a captivating visual effect by filtering light in a subtle way and adding visual depth to the room.

The legs of these tables are made of chrome metal, bringing a touch of shine and modernity to the whole. The chrome structures are designed with clean lines and a glossy finish, characteristic of the design of the era. This combination of black smoked glass and chrome metal reflects the characteristic aesthetic of the 70s, where geometric shapes and contemporary materials were very fashionable.

This set of nesting tables is in an excellent state of conservation considering its age. Although there is a slight chip on one of the glass tops, this minor incident does not affect the overall beauty of the set. This shine, barely visible, testifies to the history of the furniture while preserving its vintage charm.

These tables are not only functional, but they also constitute decorative pieces in their own right. Their timeless design allows them to easily fit into different interior styles, whether it's contemporary decor looking for a retro element or a nostalgic retro vibe. This set of nesting tables is a true representation of 70s design, while maintaining an aura of modernity and timeless class.

Material: metal
Color: silver


- Height: 40cm
- Width: 60cm
- Depth: 40cm

- Height: 36cm
- Width: 50cm
- Depth: 35cm

- Height: 30cm
- Width: 40cm
- Depth: 30cm
Weight: 5kg
Condition: This item is in excellent vintage condition

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